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Final Gadgets by Danny FeldmanDanny Feldman, 02 Dec 2008 18:17

The meeting for the groups that had a delayed dead-line will be on 6.11, 10:00, Room 309

Late Submission Meeting by Danny FeldmanDanny Feldman, 16 Oct 2008 10:26

We are meeting at 10:00 on Room 309, Schriber.

Meeting on 22.9 by Danny FeldmanDanny Feldman, 20 Sep 2008 00:59

ביום הצגת הפרוייקט יצטרך כל צוות
- להציג מצגת בת 10 דקות (לא יותר!), הכוללת שימוש "חי" בגדג'ט
- לענות על שאלות ולדון בפרוייקט.

בתאריך 18.9 (כמה ימים לפני הצגת הפרוייקט) יש להגיש בדואר אלקטרוני מסמך הכולל
- הרעיון של הגדג'ט, מטרתו, הטכנולוגיות בהם השתמשתם ורשימת יכולות של המערכת
- כל הקוד שנכתב על ידכם, כולל קוד שקשור לשרת.
- רשימת באגים ידועים, ובעיות בלתי פתורות
- פירוט ארכיטקטורת מערכת, ומסקנות שנלמדו
- "צילומי" מסכים מממשק המשתמש
- הסבר על חלוקת העבודה בין חברי הקבוצה
- קישור שיאפשר לסגל הסדנא לעבוד מול הגדג'ט בעצמם לאחר ההרצאה

Presentation of alpha version of the following projects:
10:00 Real estate gadget
10:15 Maps gadget
10:30 Mastermind gadget
10:45 Restaurants gadget
11:00 Finance gadget
11:15 TV gadget
11:30 Movies gadget

The presentation of the alpha version: Monday, 11.8, 10:00, Schriber 309

The presentation of the final version: Monday, 22.9, 10:00, Schriber 309

Next Meetings by Danny FeldmanDanny Feldman, 08 Aug 2008 18:02

Here are the deadlines:

11.8 Presentation of alpha version of product
This means the product (gadget) should be in a state where 80% of the planned functionality is programmed. The product can have bugs, and rough UI, but it still should have a UI that is very much like the final UI.

22.9 Presentation of final version of product
This is the finished product, after all bug fixes, UI improvements, and of course features. The grade is based on this presentation.

IMPORTANT: Deadlines by ybyyby, 28 Jul 2008 08:23

The meeting postponed to 28.7 due to students' requests.

In the last meeting a student asked why the "new" tabs (gadgets.Tabs) don't work while the old (legacy) tabs do work. Here's an explanation:

Currently the gadgets.* namespace and opensocial.* namespace work only in what's called the sandbox:
It is for experimenting with these new APIs.
They will be available in the "real" iGoogle only in late summer.

Which means that if you think you really want these APIs, try to play around with the sandbox and get it to work there. You can submit something that works in the sandbox and does not work in the real iGoogle because by late summer it will.
But for most of you, using the "legacy" API works fine.

Also, don't forget to read the previous note I wrote yesterday here.

We've had a group of students from last semester who had some trouble with hosting.
So I wanted to share with you everything that we learned from that, so that you could benefit as well.
I actually talked about it very shortly in the last meeting but i want to repeat for those who weren't there or for those who didn't hear or understand.
The thing is, allows for two types of file hosting. One is static files (served from…) and one is through a source control system called SVN (or SubVersion).
Please do NOT use the static files for your gadgets but only SVN (if you choose to work with at all. Note that this is absolutely not required, and hosting on the GGE or on googlepages or on your own server or on the university is great too).
If you use static files hosting you CANNOT DELETE OR MODIFY your files after they have been downloaded a few times. And this means you cannot change the gadget, like fix bugs, or add features.

So again, if you use hosting, please use only the svn mode.

Note about hosting by ybyyby, 24 Jun 2008 23:14

The next meeting is on 16/6, 10:00-12:00, Schriber 6.

Next Meeting by Danny FeldmanDanny Feldman, 15 Jun 2008 06:35


We have information to give you regarding feeds or other help and questions you wanted for us. But it's project-specific and i don't want to post here information regarding specific projects, so please, as soon as possible:
1. Join this wikidot site.
2. Send an email to||fynnad and to moc.elgoog|vin#moc.elgoog|vin and to moc.elgoog|yby#moc.elgoog|yby with your
a. Name
b. Which group/project you're working in/on.


Hi all,

At the first meeting, a few weeks ago, there was a student who asked if there was something he can download that runs the gadget themselves, without google's servers. I told him that the engine is google's and you cannot use it yourself.

Well, I was wrong :)
Apparantly Google made it open source some time ago. It's called Shindig. You can look for it.

I think this student is not in our workshop anymore, at least i didn't recognize that he is. If anyone remember who he was (he was sitting on the right (from the lecturer's view) front side, and was asking many (smart) questions), then please let him know.

I don't think Shindig will be useful for any of you for this workshop's project, but it's good to know it exists.

- Yonatan.

Gadget engine: shindig by ybyyby, 02 Jun 2008 14:50

The meeting is at room 6, Schriber till 12:00.
We will than be at Shankar 104 till 14:00.

Meeting on 2.6 by Danny FeldmanDanny Feldman, 02 Jun 2008 08:16

The next meeting will be on Monday 2.6, between 11:00-14:00.
We will publish the room number soon.
Each group should present its work during this meeting.
It is most desirable that you attend also presentations from other groups.

Each group should send to||fynnad its project description and its members names BEFORE Monday. This way, we can give you feedback and schedule your presentation.

Guidlines for the presentation:
- 20 minutes
- intro - what is the project about + how we plan it to look like
- motivation - why is our project useful/cool/technically interesting
- overall architecture: server/client. main modules. main technologies.
- time estimates and work division
- a more detailed document containing all this.

The Schedule was updated, together with new presentations.
Please join to this site by creating a wiki account, and typing "google" as the secret password.

I (Danny Feldman) wish to thank Rani Hod for letting me use his beautiful page design from the previous semester.
Next meeting is On Monday HH:MM, 17/5/08 at Schriber 6.
Presentation from the first class can be downloaded from the link "Course Schedule" above.

Welcome by Danny FeldmanDanny Feldman, 16 May 2008 23:34
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