General Information

Workshop Requirements


  • Project idea, architecture, technologies
  • UI snapshots

Final submission

  • A working gadget-based application
  • Code (documented)
  • Project page (will be part of the workshop wiki)
  • Architecture, design, lessons learned

Time and Location

We meet on some Mondays in Schreiber 6. Please check the course schedule.
Please note that the lab time marked in your bidding schedules is for working on the project on your own.

Class Difficulty

The workshop projects will be interesting and "cool" but not easy!


  • Learn to develop and work with modern web technologies
  • Learn how to use and program Google Gadgets
  • To lead students through an end-to-end software development cycle:
    • defining the project
    • researching for similar projects
    • learning required background (protocols, APIs, environment, …)
    • designing the methods of implementation
    • actual implementation
    • testing and debugging
    • adjusting project in response to feedback
    • wrapping up the project and presenting it to the world.
  • To give students a better understanding of team-based development (as opposed to solo projects): distribution of tasks, source control and integration of code.
  • To learn something new while having fun!

Course Policy

Needless to say, any copying or unauthorized sharing of information will result in a grade penalty or possible disciplinary action. This includes unauthorized (by the staff) use of publicly available code (such as code provided on the Internet) for some of the tasks you are required to implement. When in doubt, ask.

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